Outdoor Services

Please join us for outdoor worship services (advance registration required):

(1) Outdoor Morning Prayer, Tuesdays at 8:00 a.m., in the central courtyard (enter via the parking lot at 636 Cherry Street). Limited to 12 people, with advance registration; face coverings required.

(2) Outdoor Sunday Services, first Sunday of the month at 9:30 a.m., limited to 50 people, with additional services to be held if more than 50 people register. Face coverings required. The service will also be livestreamed at http://facebook.com/IncarnationSantaRosa.

Register for Outdoor Services Here

On the other Sundays of the month, all-online worship continues at 9:30 a.m. at http://facebook.com/IncarnationSantaRosa.

Coronavirus Update: Please Join Us Online

As of March 17, all in-person parish activities are suspended in response to the COVID-19 situation, with the exception of our Sunday Open Table breakfast ministry, which remains active in a meals-to-go format.

We will be working to find new ways to connect, support, and care for one another in the weeks ahead. For the most immediate updates on online services, classes, and other activities, please visit http://facebook.com/IncarnationSantaRosa.

Please pray for all who are sick; for those caring for them; for those at risk; and for all who are afraid. Pray also for those whose livelihoods are threatened, those without sick leave or the ability to work from home, students forced to leave their campuses on short notice, those caring for children or elders, and those without homes. Be of good courage, wash your hands a lot, and look for moments to practice God’s love as you go through each day.

O God of peace, you have taught us that in returning and rest we shall be saved, in quietness and confidence shall be our strength: By the might of your Spirit lift us, we pray you, to your presence, where we may be still and know that you are God; through Jesus Christ our Lord.


A Prayer for Quiet Confidence
(Prayer Book, p. 832)

Ways to make a gift to Incarnation

In this time of economic uncertainty, being good stewards of the financial resources God has entrusted to us is as essential as ever. Our ability to continue our ministry depends on the generous contributions of our members, attenders, and friends.

Even while our in-person services are not taking place, there are still plenty of ways to make a gift to Incarnation:

Incarnation website: Online giving

Text (onetime setup required): 707-532-0060.


Mail checks directly to the church: 550 Mendocino Ave., Santa Rosa, 95401

Thank you for your support of Church of the Incarnation.

Who We Are

The Church of the Incarnation is an inclusive community of faith, following Jesus Christ as a parish of The Episcopal Church. We are a downtown urban church. We recognize that Christ has no body now on earth but ours, and we are committed to carrying out Christ’s charge to love one another through service, worship and prayer. Our abiding values are those expressed in our Baptismal Covenant with Jesus Christ, and those values guide us in our life of faith.

We believe that Christ calls us to strive for justice and peace among all people while respecting the dignity of every human being. While we are partners in God’s work throughout the world, we are called in particular to respond to the needs for both bodily and spiritual nourishment of the community where we live, work, and worship.

The Episcopal Church is a member of the global Anglican Communion which has a common root in the Church of England. Anglican churches follow a middle path between the traditions of the Roman Catholic Church and Protestant denominations. The Episcopal Church includes diocese in the United States, Mexico, Central America, Ecuador and Taiwan.