Youth and Young Adult Activities – Summer 2015

Mexico Mission Trip (2015)

Sixteen participants went to Mexico for one week and built a house for a family. Read more.

North Carolina Freedom Ride (2015)

Maddison Vernon was nominated to represent the Russian River Deanery on the 2015 North Carolina Freedom Ride. Inspiring Mission is working with the Diocese of North Carolina on Lift Every Voice, their project to examine and re-imagine how we negotiate our history of race relations and conflict.

Lift Every Voice is designed as a three-year progression. In the first two years, youth from the U.S. and Southern Africa will revisit together the historical truths of slavery and the Civil Rights movement in North Carolina and Apartheid in South Africa. The goal is to build an understanding of social injustice that will help participants develop a vision for diocesan programming around race and inclusivity.

In the third year, participants will use the tools gained in their earlier experiences to develop a model of church leadership in today’s multicultural communities.

Focuses of the three-year program include:

  • Freedom Ride, on which participants will visit several significant historical locations and interact with guest speakers at each
  • Pilgrimage of Reconciliation in 2016, a retreat and training-focused trip to South Africa
  • Time at the Disciples of Change Institute.