Treasures from The Book of Common Prayer

The Rev. Jim Richardson, Priest-in-Charge

Our Sunday worship comes primarily from the Book of Common Prayer. But there is so much more in the prayer book than the Sunday liturgies.

You can find an index for wide assortment of prayers on page 810, including prayers for joy in God’s creation, prayers for peace among the nations, prayers for those in the armed forces, and prayers for world leaders. The beloved “Prayer Attributed to St. Francis” can be found on page 833. You can also find prayers for “Various Occasions” beginning on page 251, including prayers for peace, prayers for the nation, prayers for education, and prayers for social justice. And those are just a start!

The psalms, which are exquisite poems of joy, lament, praise and even anger, can be found in several places in the prayer book. All 150 psalms, in contemporary language, begin on page 585. If you prefer the more traditional language, you can find many of the psalms in the King James Version in the Burial Office Rite I on pages 471-479. In fact, about two-thirds of the prayer book comes straight from the Bible in one shape or another.

The Book of Common Prayer is truly a treasure of the Church. When you have a chance, explore the book for yourself!