Out of respect for the losses all of us in the parish and in our surrounding communities have so recently experienced, we will omit the traditional “pledge campaign.” The pledge packets will be available in the church on Sundays,  just inside the front entrance,  and in the office during the week. Packets with your name on the front are arranged in alphabetical order.  There are a few unaddressed packets if you do not find your name. So that our treasurer and vestry may prepare the budget for 2018 in a timely manner, we ask that you return your completed pledge as soon as possible. You may wish to include the pledge with your offering, to be blessed at the altar on Sunday, November 12.

We give thanks for our many blessings and thank each one of you for the many ways you give to support our church community. Thank you for your thoughtful and prayerful consideration of how your generous giving supports the life and work of our church community, and how your own life is enriched by that generosity.

Guide to Giving 2018

Submit your 2018 Building Community card online.