A definition of the word, steward, is someone who cares for or takes care of something, presumably something of value to that person. For example, we care for our health, our families, our community, our nation, our planet. These are precious to us. They are the blessings from God that enrich our lives. At Church of the Incarnation, we believe that we are actually called on by God to care for and be good stewards of the blessings that God gives us.

For us our church and our faith community are a great blessing. This is where we encounter God most directly and where we praise and worship God together. As members of this church, we are called on to manage and care for it, and we call the process of doing so “Stewardship.” This is accomplished by the contributions from individuals and families of their time, their talent and their treasure (monetary offerings) to support the programs of worship, spiritual formation and education, and services provided by the church.

Contributions of time and talent are done by volunteering to participate on the various groups, guilds and committees that make possible the programs and governance of the church. The contribution of treasure involves the donation of annual “pledges” of financial support in an annual pledge campaign. During this campaign, we each thoughtfully and prayerfully consider how much of the financial resources God has given us we will give back to God in gratitude for God’s goodness to us. This amount is our annual pledge of financial support for the church.

Through Stewardship, our whole congregation contributes to the life and work of our church and gives thanks for our many blessings. We know our own lives are greatly enriched by that generosity.

2020 Online Pledge Form