Small Groups

Small Groups provide opportunities for people to engage one another in a network of mutual trust, deep reflection, spiritual growth, and pastoral care; to offer those new to our church quick access to spiritual support; to train and support leaders in the parish.

Our small group gatherings are unique blends of people who journey together. Typically six to 12 people in size, our Small Groups gather on a regular basis for friendship, conversation, and support.

We have Small Groups covering a variety of different topics and new groups are forming all the time, looking for people just like you!

Why Connect with Small Groups?

1. Small groups help people “connect and belong.” This is essential in our walk with Jesus. To journey with others connects us to them at a deeper level. Small groups give you company on your journey of faith.

2. Speak truth and hope in love and respect into the lives of people who are struggling. Living life as a follower of Jesus is one of action, of serving and loving and giving and doing. Small groups are active and not passive. 

3. When we are exhausted from the circumstances of life, we need others to reassure us when we need to take that step of faith. We want to know that others will stand with us and have our back when we fail or succeed. Small groups make sure we don’t stand alone. 

4. There is a deep bond you form with your community when they help “pull you to your feet” when you’re weary and feel you can’t go one step further. Small groups support one another, that leads to a deeper level of relationship and love for each other. Small groups support you. 

5. Each of us finds ourselves at different places in our spiritual journeys. We need others to be patient with us. And we need to learn to be patient with others. Small groups teach us community and how to love.

Find out about our Small Groups

Anam Cara
Tuesday Book Group
Bible Study

How do I get involved in a small group?

To join any of our Small Groups, or if you would like more information about Small Groups please call the church office at (707) 579-2604.