Santa Rosa Rise and Shine Child Care Center

Cary and Josiah Rich started their day care program in October 1990. In the last 27-plus years they have always supported the families they serve with a program that provides stability for children to thrive.

In 2017 our community was devastated by a County-wide firestorm and they lost their home. No longer able to operate as before, they were issued a temporary waiver to operate in the home of another licensed provider. With their waiver expiration coming to end they were presented with an opportunity to open anew as a child care center.

As they negotiated all of the changes in Sonoma County, and worked to bounce back personally and professionally from the devastation of the October 2017 fires, they continued to work tirelessly with licensing to revise their business model without compromising their mission. Throughout this process they wanted to honor the community and their personal challenges as well as emphasize their determination to not let their recent hardship hold them back.

Incarnation has worked hard in a variety of ways to help people recover from the fires in Sonoma County this past fall. Providing a home for the Rich Family Day Care Home has been a journey. The initial goal was to allow them to temporarily relocate to our campus under an emergency waiver. Getting our facility to pass licensing requirements was a task. Thanks to all the help from Eric Ramsey, Maddison Vernon, David Jasper, and Jan Hicks, we passed the Fire Department requirements and licensing just in time for the waivers to expire. Cary then was offered the opportunity to apply as a center not a home day care. Many hurdles later the Rich Family Day Care Home opened on April 2, 2018, as Santa Rosa Rise and Shine Child Care Center offering childcare for infants and toddlers 0-24 months. This is a much needed service in Sonoma County and a privilege to help Cary and Josiah Rich get their livelihood back.

The following poem was written by Cary Rich:


We were broken but will continue to breathe
We were wounded but will continue to heal
We will pick up where we left off
We will move past the ashes left behind

So, the rubble that remains
Becomes the fire that guides our way

Our hope will always rise
Our hearts will always shine

In honor of hope:
Our new name is Santa Rosa Rise and Shine Child Care Center

We welcome them here to the campus and community of Incarnation.

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