Luther Burbank Elementary School

Incarnation, an urban congregation, “adopted” Luther Burbank, a nearby urban elementary school, in 2003. Burbank is a K-6 school where nearly 70% of the students are learners with English as a second language. Approximately 80% of the 330 students are in economically disadvantaged families.

The needs are great and Incarnation parishioners work to find ways to address these challenges by helping both teachers and students.

There are many volunteer opportunities for you.

  • Be a classroom aide
  • Tutor after school
  • Assist with special events like the Book Faire and Harvest Fundraiser
  • Work in the Library organizing or checking out books
  • Read to children
  • Help with music programs/plays/concerts
  • Distribute food at school on Thursdays to students and their families
  • Bring other skills or experiences you may have

Parishioners can help even if not on the campus.

  • Donate school supplies, books, laptops/tablets, musical instruments
  • Raise funds for field trips and needed supplies
  • Collect “Box Tops for Education,” and bring them to Farlander Hall
  • Participate in eScrips programs at local retailers

Whether youth or seniors, working folks or retirees, there is a place and a time for any of us to volunteer. One of our volunteers shared this, “I can’t believe how eager these children are to learn and how appreciative they are of the help I give them, just once weekly! … I know that I receive much more than I give.”

Find out more about how you can give of yourself to help influence the education and development of these children. Contact