William Porter Memorial Library

This library, named in honor of a Rector of the church, is located at the far end of Farlander Hall. It is an oasis of quiet and bookish treasures. It exists to serve the spiritual, emotional, psychological and intellectual needs of parishioners through the careful selection, cataloging and maintenance of books. Please ask at the church office about use of the library.

Children’s Library

Located in a corner of Farlander Hall, our Children’s Library offers books and activities for older and younger children. There are Bible stories, word search sheets, videos, tapes, coloring books about Jesus, paper to write on, picture books, books to read with your children and them to you. The rules are simple:

  1. No food or drinks in the library area.
  2. Please sign out books to be taken out of the library.
  3. Place card with your name, date and book name in the basket.