Intergenerational Mission Trip to Nicaragua, partnering with the CDCA

July 21-28, 2018

This year the youth will go on a Mission Trip to Nicaragua. We will spend the week learning about the culture and Nicaragua’s history as well as working in the community on a new health clinic. This year we are inviting adults from Incarnation to join us for an intergenerational mission trip experience. Individual cost for non-youth group members is $1200 per person. Youth group members will pay $525 per person and will fundraise $675 for each youth group member.

The Center for Development in Central America (CDCA) is a project of the Jubilee House Community, Inc. (JHC), a non-profit organization. It has 501(c)(3) status in the U.S. and International Mission status in Nicaragua.

The CDCA’s goal is to work in partnership with communities and cooperatives to facilitate empowerment. This enables them to find their own solutions to the problems they identify and connects them with resources to solve their problems. Our job is not to tell others what to do, but to first listen to the needs and then respond as we are able. They work in four main areas, integrating appropriate technology into each of them:

  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Sustainable Economic Development
  • Health Care
  • Education

Today they continue to work with local community leadership, building partnerships, and listening.

The CDCA’s sustainable agriculture and sustainable economic development projects extend across the western side of Nicaragua. Their health work focuses primarily on families living within Ciudad Sandino, while also reaching out to include those living in neighboring rural communities.

The CDCA works to connect Nicaraguans with others from around the world who have access to all types of resources. Financial resources, professional expertise, time & energy, creative problem-solving, and physical assistance are all needed.

For more information on joining this mission trip, please contact Daphne Vernon at