Holy Week and Easter Schedule – 2020

This year, as our world grapples with sickness, sorrow, and fear, our celebration of Holy Week is particularly resonant. Jesus shares with us in suffering. He walks with us through grief. And he holds the promise of life triumphant over evil and even over death itself.
Please plan to participate in Holy Week as fully as you’re able. Although we can’t gather physically, we will be gathering online for all the services of the Triduum, the Great Three Days from the evening of Maundy Thursday through Easter Sunday. You can join in online by using Zoom, a program that lets us see and hear one another. Alternatively, you can see and hear the services on Facebook (even if you don’t have an account) or simply call in by phone to hear the audio. For full details, see the schedule below.
We also know that not everyone will be able to join the online services. All our Triduum liturgies this year can also be celebrated on your own at home and can be adapted as works for you.
+ + +

All services will be held online on Zoom. We will also be streaming the services on Facebook: http://facebook.com/IncarnationSantaRosa.

To participate on Zoom so we can see your face and hear your voice, click the link sent out in the parish e-News and Notes, or follow the instructions in the bulletin.
To dial in by phone, call (669) 900-9128. Enter the meeting code in the bulletin.

+ + +
April 9: Maundy Thursday
The Liturgy of the Word
with the Washing of Feet, 5:30 p.m.
For this liturgy, you are encouraged to have nearby:
  • A basin, washtub, bucket, or even a large pot.
  • Some water (warm if possible).
  • One or more clean towels (small hand towels are fine).
This first night of the Holy Triduum commemorates Jesus’ last supper with his disciples, when he washed their feet in loving service and instituted the Eucharist until his coming again. Imitating Jesus, we will wash our own or one another’s feet.
After the online gathering, please plan to have a simple supper (see directions in the booklet). You might choose to celebrate it together with other households, leading the blessings together by phone or video. Consider contacting others in the congregation, perhaps those in your Neighbor Group or some other group you are part of, to share in this meal together.
The evening concludes with the stripping of home decorations in preparation for Good Friday (see directions in the booklet).
+ + +
April 10: Good Friday
The Liturgy of the Passion, 12:00 p.m.
For this liturgy, you are encouraged to have nearby:
  • A cross or crucifix (big or small, simple or elaborate–any cross is fine. If you don’t have a cross, you might make one out of two sticks).
On this most solemn fast day of the year, we gather for a liturgy centered on the story of Christ’s Passion from John’s Gospel. We join in Christ’s prayers from the cross for the whole world in the Solemn Collects, an ancient form of the Prayers of the People. We honor the cross, an instrument of suffering turned into the sign of our salvation.
+ + +
April 11, day: Holy Saturday
The Liturgy of Holy Saturday, 12:00 p.m.
This brief liturgy reflects on this Sabbath day when Christ lies in the tomb.
The bulletin will be shown onscreen during the service.
+ + +
April 11, evening: Easter Eve
The Great Vigil of Easter, 8:00 p.m.
For this liturgy, you are encouraged to have nearby:
  • A single central candle, and something to light it with. You might decorate this candle, if you like. It will be your household’s Paschal candle. You might keep it in a prominent position at home for the Fifty Days of Easter.
  • (optional) A smaller candle for each person.
  • A bowl of water, and something to sprinkle the water with
  • (optional) One or more bells, or anything that will make a sound.
A night like no other, the Easter Vigil is the central service of the church year. We gather after sunset to kindle the new fire of Easter and light the Paschal candle. We retell the sacred stories of God’s people by candlelight. We celebrate the renewal of our baptismal vows. And finally we proclaim the arrival of Easter, joyful to be singing our Alleluias once again to the risen Savior. It’s a long service–outside of time, really–and one filled with profound spiritual power. This night is the heart of who we are as an Easter people.
+ + +
April 12: Easter Sunday
The Liturgy of the Word, 10:00 a.m.
The bulletin will be shown onscreen during the service, or download it here.
After last night’s journey into Easter, this morning’s service extends the celebration as we feast on God’s Word, pray for all creation, and proclaim the resurrection once more.