Education for Ministry

Since the fall of 2006, a group of ten people began meeting on Monday evenings in order to “educate themselves for ministry.” By 2009 there were 27 people meeting each week with this common purpose. While EfM’s curriculum encompasses a detailed study of Scripture, a survey of church history, and a fairly thorough look at theological thought, its overriding goal is to equip each student with a deeper awareness of God’s presence in their lives, in their faith community, and in the world. Each member is urged to explore God’s call and to develop his or her own ministry.

This isn’t just a class to learn more facts about the Bible or to enrich one’s theological vocabulary; it’s a process by which each member learns to articulate his or her faith and to genuinely appreciate the faith of others in the group. Participants learn to listen with their hearts, struggle deeply with difficult issues, and to emerge from four years of study with a clearer knowledge of how to serve God and the church. Graduates of this course of study bring this profound experience back to the congregation and enrich the faith community to which they belong.

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Last day of class 2017/18. Celebrating Carol’s completion of all four years.