The center of our life of prayer

The Rev. Jim Richardson, Priest-in-Charge

At the center of the Church is the Lord’s Table – the Altar – where we gather all of our prayers and the longings of our hearts in the central act of our worship, our Holy Eucharist.

The word “Eucharist” is Greek for “thanksgiving,” as indeed our Eucharist is a prayer offered in thanks for everything God has given us. Our Eucharist is an act of remembering in such a way that ancient events come alive for us, making these events our own.

In our Eucharistic prayer, we remember God’s gift of creation, we remember our place in creation, and we remember that God came to us as a human being, as Jesus Christ.

We especially remember his last supper on the night before he died on the Cross as one of us. We remember how he rose again to fill the universe with love, grace and healing, and how he is with us still.

At the Lord’s Table, we are bold to say the prayer Jesus taught us to pray. We ask the Father – Abba, in his Aramaic language – to give us the bread that will sustain us, the strength to forgive others – and to forgive ourselves – and to shroud us from trials that might break us, and keep at bay the evil that might overwhelm us.

We pray with our whole being, not just our intellect. We bring all of our senses to our prayers – our sight, our hearing and even our taste and smell with the bread and wine of our Communion together. And we give thanks before going back into the world.