Bishop Search Listening Events

February 24, March 10

All are invited. Please join us and let your voice be heard!

The Search Committee has set up times to hear publicly from people in the Diocese. Called Listening Events, these Saturday gatherings will be held at four locations and are open to all in our diocesan community. You are also welcome to attend more than one of these events. The discussions will begin at 9 a.m. and end at noon. Light refreshments will be served. There is no cost to attend the Listening Events. Please use this link to fill out a registration form, so that we can plan appropriately.

Click Here For Online Registration Form

The format will be round-table discussions based on a set of predetermined questions. The responses to these questions will inform the writing of the diocesan profile. There will be opportunities for lay and clergy attendees to discuss with each other and separately the gifts, strengths and challenges in our diocese. Attendees will also discuss their ideas about what we need to look for in our next bishop. The Search Committee wants to hear what you have to say!

ARCATA – February 24: St. Alban’s, 1675 Chester Ave.
ROSEVILLE – March 10: St. John’s, 2351 Pleasant Grove Blvd.

Parish Forums:

In addition to hosting the four Listening Events, the Search Committee will send out the discussion questions to each parish and mission in the Diocese. It is our desire that this will give each congregation the opportunity to engage in their own community discussions around the questions. The results of these parish forums, outlining the key responses to those questions, will be reported back to the Search Committee and will provide more information to help us in creating our diocesan profile. More details about this, including the questions and how to report back to the Search Committee, will be emailed to each parish the second week in February.

Does the Search Committee stop listening after the Listening Events and Parish Forums?

No. The Search Committee will continue to gather information and thoughts from members of our diocese throughout the entire Bishop Search process. This feedback will guide our work at every step along the way, including how we select applicants. These two opportunities (Listening Events and Parish Forums) represent the first phase of our listening process. They are important opportunities for all members of our diocese to contribute information and ideas that will inform the writing of the diocesan profile.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact us with questions. You can email Erika Trez, Communications Co-Chair, at