Worship Volunteer Ministries


During the 2nd century of the Church, various minor religious orders were created, among them “Acolytes” (Greek for “follower”).

Acolytes serve and assist the clergy at the altar and perform a wide variety of ritual functions in our worship. Young people often serve as acolytes, in this way creating a foundation for a meaningful religious life in years to come. Acolyte trainings are held regularly. Please contact the church office if you or your child is interested.

Altar Guild

“Oh God of beauty and love and peace: Make us thankful for the privilege of adding beauty to thy sanctuary, growing in love through thy service, and gaining peace from thy presence, through Jesus Christ, our Lord.”

The men and women of the Altar Guild care for the Altar and its furnishings with reverence, polishing, dusting, washing, arranging flowers, arranging for the purchase of equipment and altar supplies. This is a ministry of dedication and love for Christ and the worship of the church.

Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Eucharistic Visitors

Lectors, Readers, Eucharistic Ministers and Eucharistic Visitors are lay (non-ordained) persons integral to Episcopal worship services.

  • Lectors read the scripture lessons and lead the prayers of the people.
  • Lectionary Page
  • Readers read scripture lessons, and conduct Morning and Evening Prayer and Compline.
  • Eucharistic Ministers help distribute communion during worship.
  • Eucharistic Visitors take communion to homes, hospitals, and nursing homes.