New Vestry members elected

And what does the Vestry do?

On one level, the Vestry is the elected board of directors for our parish. Yet the role of the Vestry is far deeper than that. Our prayer book (p. 854) declares that Jesus Christ is the head of the Church — not the bishops, not the priests, not the deacons, and not the Vestry. Jesus as the head of the Church means that the Vestry’s role is to discern where Jesus is leading us. The Vestry should be seen as a circle of spiritual leaders who are responsible for setting policy for both for the physical plant and the spiritual wellbeing of this parish over the next year.

Elected to a three-year term the Vestry at our annual meeting January 29 were: Peggy Zimmerman, Kathryn Crabbe, Jim Furness, and Kathleen Kane. They join Karen Lockert, Diana Ardley, Barbara Avery, Carolyn Rausch, Elizabeth Gibbs, Steve Layton and Diane Schoenrock.

Governance is not the main business of the Church. Worship is. And the cornerstone of our worship is baptism and Holy Eucharist, and from that flows our discipleship. The Vestry is one path of many among us for discipleship.

Serving on the Vestry is a large commitment. Vestry members must be servant leaders and listeners; they must be prayerful doers of the Word, generous in spirit and generous with their time and treasure. In short, they are disciples of Jesus Christ. The Vestry will be on retreat February 10-12 at St. Dorothy’s Rest.

Our election at the annual meeting was not a rubber stamp. By your votes in electing them, you are affirming that these people have the strengths and gifts so needed in the year ahead. You vote is your affirmation of their leadership. And you do more than this with your ballot. You pledge your support and offer your thanks to them for their willingness to serve on the Vestry.