New Time for Children’s Sunday School

Beginning January 8, 2017

Beginning on January 8, 2017, our Sunday School and youth groups will start at 9 a.m. Classes begin earlier than the worship service so that there will be plenty of time for a full lesson, and so that the children and their teachers can be in church for Communion.

We’ve experimented for the past year with different starting times, and hopefully, this time will work for families. If you have kids, please come check out our extraordinary programs for them. Here are the schedule and locations:

  • Newborn/pre-Kindergarten – Nursery
  • Godly Play, K-3rd grade – Room 3
  • Junior Youth group, 4th-6th grade – Room 1
  • High School Youth Group, 9th-12th grade – youth room in the building in the parking lot

For more information, contact Daphne Vernon ( If you don’t see a group that fits your child we will place your child in the group that best meets their needs.

We have a dedicated and well-trained group of teachers and leaders. When you see them, please thank them for their work in forming and educating our young people in a life of faith:

Ivana Jugovic
Savannah Jensen

Godly Play
Peggy Zimmerman
Rose Frances
Carolyn Rausch
Diane Elin
Barry May
Marion Zipperle

Junior Youth Group
Maddison Vernon
Karina Ardley

High School Youth Group
Daphne Vernon
John Nykamp