New Church Bylaws

Did you know that the original Church of the Incarnation Bylaws and Letters of Incorporation were drafted on June 181895? And that the term for these Bylaws and Letters of Incorporation was only 50 years? Since this draft, there have been only two minor modifications, the first in 1949 eliminating the 50-year term and the second in 2003 stating that the Church is a nonprofit religious organization for California law purposes.

Since the original draft in 1895, you can imagine how much has changed culturally with the Episcopal Church and with California law. We were long overdue for a major rewrite to align us with Diocesan Canons (which have kept pace with changing times) and California law.

The Governance committee, made up of Vestry and members of the parish, was tasked with this rewrite. Over the course of the last several months the committee has written and rewritten many drafts and now has a final draft that complies with California law, aligns with Diocesan Canons, and remains true to our vision at Church of the Incarnation.

For all interested, if you would like to get a copy of these new Bylaws, call or email the office, or download a PDF version.

Steve Layton
Chairman Governance committee